Sobering article by Adi Bloom. Teachers’ workloads have increased markedly over the past decade alongside unprecedented levels of unhappiness and stress. Previous strategies by the UK government have not had any discernible effect upon this situation. At Love Teaching Writing we may not be able to change government policy, but we can reduce the huge amount of time you spend on planning and preparation by providing you with high-quality writing resources. We have a range of dynamic packs which contain up to 3 weeks’ worth of material and are incredibly easy to use. At Love Teaching Writing our motto is, ‘excellence through enjoyment’. Try one of our packs today and you’ll see what we mean.

Although geared towards the 7-11 age group, the resources can easily be used with other groups wherever they are learning English. Each pack has a range of Word, Excel and SMART Notebook files which are complete and ready to teach, although can be adapted for different teaching needs. Please take a moment to look over the different topics and you are sure to find a pack which interests and inspires you.

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Shakespearean Play Script



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Oral Storytelling



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