Dickensian Characters


Whilst plot is important, the characters are often what truly bring a story to life. Taking inspiration from the Victorian author’s most spectacular works, this pack teaches children the art of character development by focusing on a master of the form – Charles Dickens. These Dickens teaching resources introduce children to famous Dickensian characters such as Oliver Twist and Scrooge, whilst guiding them through the process of creating their own powerful and engaging characters.


The popularity of tales such as Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol are testament to Dicken’s character building and classic storytelling capabilities. Whether it be stories of jilted brides or vicious workhouse bosses, Dickens truly captivates children and this pack will captivate children in the very same way.


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This pack contains:

  1. Pack theme deconstructed through four dynamic phases
  2. Big Question – a problem involving deeper thinking around the topic
  3. Exciting, original resources which Increase familiarity with narrative style
  4. Engaging activities which develop inquiry, role play, discussion, debate, research as well as literacy skills
  5. A range of written exercises structured around the theme which focus on improving sentence construction, use of punctuation and a variety of literary techniques
  6. An expansive writing task linked to an original, engaging stimulus
  7. Range of group, partnered and independent activities
  8. Scaffold writing sheets to ensure all pupils access all the content
  9. Coverage of many of the English National Curriculum objectives
  10. A scorecard which incentivises pupils
  11. A range of performance suggestions for celebrating good work
  12. Suggestions for spelling, punctuation and grammar activities to complement each lesson
  13. Summary and planning files

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