KS2 Writing Resources

KS2 Writing Resources

When it comes to teaching a child about the skills of writing, keeping them engaged can be a hard task. If you teach KS2, then you’ll know the struggle all too well, however we are here to help. For KS2 writing resources, look to Love Teaching Ltd today.

Whilst many teachers opt for the same learning packs year in and year out, we feel that it can get rather repetitive. We believe that children need to be captivated, engaged and encouraged to explore their own writing talents. If you love teaching just as much as we do, then you can be sure to trust in our learning resources.

Here at Love Teaching Ltd, our topics include the adventure genre, spooky openings, historical fiction and Dickensian and Shakespearian characters. No matter the subject you’re looking to teach, we’re sure that we have the right pack for you. Our vast range of packages are targeted towards the ages of 7-11, but are easily adaptable for many other groups of pupils.

What’s more, is that the packs come complete with role play options, activities, written exercises and writing tasks. Rest assured that with our resources, you won’t need to worry about keeping your child engaged during class any longer

Visit our website today, or get in touch to find out more on 07759 753709.

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